About Us


Food aficionados love to visit and explore our restaurant. We’re a perfect destination for family outings when you need to spend quality time with your friends or loved ones. Nothing beats eating your favorite dishes in a friendly and cozy ambiance.

Our excellent service, great food and chefs, beautiful ambiance, and exclusivity keep customers coming back to Sea Dog Hull.

At Sea Dog Hull, you can enjoy and appreciate good food and fine cuisine. Our creative and highly experienced chefs cook a variety of delicious meals to suit the diverse needs of our customers. The expertise of our chefs enables them to prepare dishes with great tastes and flavors.

We host various life events and celebrations such as promotions, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. We offer the perfect social environment for our guests to enjoy their events with family, friends, or even colleagues in a restaurant with great ambiance.

Sea Dog Hull also provides a perfect setting for informal and formal meetings. You can socialize with your friends or make new friends at our restaurant. About 70% of our business comes from formal business meetings. You can attend your meetings while enjoying the great foods on our menu.

If you can’t cook well, our chefs are at your service. We ensure that you entertain your guests with great food and drinks, including unmatched entertainment. When you’re busy or simply aren’t in the mood for cooking, we’ve got your back.

Whether you’re planning for an excursion, a movie outing or simply going shopping, you can stop-by the Sea Dog Hull for your favorite dishes. You can order a sit-in meal or take away food to enjoy instead of worrying about preparing tasty meals when you get back home after a long day at work or a family outing.

Our reputation is totally dependent on the knowledge, expertise, and experience of our in-house chefs in cooking amazing food. We serve high-quality food tailored to your specific needs and orders. Our customers usually return for more of the great foods we have to offer.