3 Places to Visit in Hull MA

Nantasket Beach

Since the middle of the 1800s, the Nantasket Beach has been well-known by the locals and even tourists from other cities. The beach is part of the Nantasket Beach Reservation, which is currently managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation or DOCR of the US.

You can visit the fine, light gray sand of the beach any time of the year, from dawn to dusk. And if you’re planning to go swimming, there are lifeguards on duty from late June to early September. It is also one of the busiest beaches in the vicinity, so you’ll likely catch some children building sand castles, or grownups having a nice sun bathing.

If you’re staying in town, you can lodge in their Nantasket Beach Resort. As their guest, you’ll have your own gas fireplace and a whirlpool jetted tub. Aside from the beach, you can also see the Paragon Carousel and Museum which is near the resort. You can also go for a run in the World’s End which is 1.5 km away.

Paragon Carousel and Museum

You don’t have to be physically young to enjoy and re-enjoy the fun of getting on a carved and cheerfully painted horses of the Paragon Carousel made in 1928. Although it is not the last of the classic Paragon Park, it is definitely one of the coolest. The museum is a great addition for visitors like you to know more about the restoration of the carousel. They have a friendly staff who will help you all the way.

No matter how old it is, the carousel has been regularly maintained. It can even still move and play music at the same time. In fact, few years back, it was awarded by the American Express for its great restoration.

Throughout the year, the carousel has hosted a lot of events, from Easter egg hunts to birthday parties for children. For only a few dollars, you can already experience a throwback of your own childhood and have the chance to share it with your young companions.

Fort Revere Park

Fort Revere Park is more than just a park in Hull, Massachusetts. This over eight acres of land is also a historic place sitting on top of the Hill of Telegraph found in the Village of Hull. When you visit the park, you’ll see remainders of 2 real seacoast rampart, a historic water steeple, and several spaces where you and your family can have an enjoyable picnic.

This park will never be of existence if not with the several non-profit groups, businesses in the localities and interested individuals.

If you’re going to visit the park, you’ll be suggested to bring a blanket or compact chairs with you. Picnic may be allowed, but not drinking alcoholic beverages. But as years pass by, you’ll probably see a lot of graffiti on the sites. However, you’ll still enjoy the breathtaking view of the beach and the several white boats floating on it.