Massage Areas in Pubs

Let’s take look at that one more time. Massage areas? In a pub? Could this be a new thing?

Pubs and Massage areas are two different things. First, you have your regular public house, an establishment that is licensed to sell and offer you alcoholic beverages, wonders place where you hang out with your best mates, a very relaxed environment, and a place you go to after a long day. What’s another place you can go to with your close friends, has a relaxed setting and a place you can go to after a long tiring day? Oh, a massage area! These two things just might not be so different at all.

This seems like a good marketing strategy, who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a relaxing experience? Imagine entering a warm pub with your best pals, order a beer to loosen up and maybe get a massage after on a relaxing chair (http://www.pickmymassagetable.com/best-chairs-reviews/)? Or get a massage first and head on for drinks when you’re done? This sound like a very relaxing thing to do but let’s see how this could go down.

Massages are done to help your body relax, remove toxins and metabolic wastes, help in dispersing nutrients and wonder your blood circulation. Drinking alcohol beverages, on the other hand, is dehydrating -your body is going to want to rid itself of the alcohol immediately and would try to excrete it through your kidneys. Speaking of your kidneys, massages are so good to help in stimulating them. You might think, “Oh great, they can work together.” Not really, if it’s overdone, it going to contribute to a bad hangover.

A massage therapy mixed in with alcohol is only going to increase your body’s toxic load. It could impair a client’s judgment, decrease a person’s control over his/hers overall physical coordination. Alcohol combined with messages could make person’s nerve endings inactive so the person on the receiving end of the massage might not be able to give feedback on whether the pressure on their muscles is too much. Massages are meant to help your mind and body relax but alcohol has a huge effect on your brain that is responsible for rational thinking and decision making. Speaking of your kidneys, massages help in stimulating them. You might think, “Oh great, they can work together.” Not really, if it’s overdone, it going to contribute to a bad hangover.

The effects of just one glass of alcoholic beverage to getting a massage might seem like not much to some. But still, each of these things makes huge impacts on both the mind and the body. The effects are going to depend on a lot of factors such as body weight, what food the person has eaten, alcoholic beverages consumed beforehand (even the day before) and the general physical condition of a person.

If you’ve ever had a really good massage(http://www.pickmymassagetable.com), you know that afterward you feel a little bit light-headed and a little bit wobbly and you are not even intoxicated. This alone can show how much just one thing can affect you and your body. So, while massages and alcohol together seem like a pretty relaxing and cool idea, enjoying them separately is the best thing to do.


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